Beyond Seeds

A holding of companies with technologies, solutions and services focused on life & health sciences and on the agri-food industry.


Our Mision

Promote technologies and solutions that allow more sustainable development models both in the areas of health and nutrition and in the agri-food industry.


Our Companies

Biotechnology company, oriented to the identification, evaluation and obtaining of bioactive compounds, naturally present in plants, and in its validation and inclusion in formulations for applications in the fields of pharmacology, healthy nutrition and natural cosmetics. At this time, Cellbitec is registering five bioactive compounds patents, of plant origin, with anti-proliferative effect in cells with colon cancer.


Engineering and consulting company, with innovative solutions for the agri-food industry, in general, and for the seed sector, in particular; which focuses its activity on three lines of business: (i) Engineering and Machines for Process Automation, (ii) Processing and treatments for seeds and grains, and (iii) Vegetable Nutrition and Fruit and Vegetable Crops Management.


The company is focused on entities dedicated to plant breeding and the commercialization of varieties of plant materials, with agronomic interest. Seeds4i offers innovative services specialized in: (i) Prebreeding, (ii) In vitro cultures and micropropagation, (iii) Plant Phytopathology, and (iv) Bioinformatics Technologies.


Software engineering, with the latest solutions for the management of banks and germplasm collections, development of programs for plant breeding, evaluation and testing of varieties; applying and integrating different technologies: artificial vision, machine learning and deep learning, big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain.


Company that offers services and consulting for the hemp industry, from technology and innovation, to support in cultivation, scientific research, advice on R&D, genetic improvement, marketing and communication, or commercial and legal advice.


Technology-based company, promoted by a highly qualified team with extensive experience and previous activities both in R&D, in the fields of plant nutrition and inorganic chemistry, and in business development for the development of biomimetic nanotechnologies for agronomic and pharmacological purposes.


Our Team

Cellbitec Group companies incorporate a group of professionals with proven capacity and knowledge in the fields of: human & plant biology, medicine and pharmacology, healthy nutrition, biotechnologies and agrifood industrie; both from a scientific & technological perspective, as from a business and R&D project management.


Our Advisory Board

Cellbitec Group has set up different scientific-technical committees, in which professors and leading researchers from the research ecosystem participate, in the fields of: human and plant biology, medicine, chemistry, nutrition and ethnobotany; that guarantee access to the latest knowledge and technologies, to apply in its different business lines.


Cellbitec Group is member of…

Spanish technology platform for plant biotechnology

Consortium of European public-private entities for R&D of innovative solutions based on biomimetic nanotechnologies

Network of Latin American public-private entities, for the study and recovery of NUS varieties, backed by the CYTED program

Operational group of public-private entities, for the recovery and reintroduction of the Argan crop in Iberian Peninsula

Spanish compamies cluster specialized in the internationalization of the agricultural model Almeria

Our Collaborations

Biomedical Research Center
Granada – Spain

Our Agreement:

Identification, evaluation and validation of bioactive compounds naturally present in plants, which have application as nutraceuticals and ingredients for pharmacological formulations.

Biomedical Research Center (CIBM), from the University of Granada, was created with the objective of bringing together researchers, research programs, postgraduate education, financial resources and enough instrumental resources to seek the advancement of knowledge, development and innovation in Biomedicine and Biotechnology, through excellence in scientific research.

Institute of Conservation and Improvement of the Valencian Agrodiversity
Valencia – Spain

Our Agreement:

Issues related to polyploidy, mutagenesis and the development of new chimeras in the field of plant biology.

The institute of conservation and improvement of the Valencian agrodiversity (COMAV), of the polytechnic university of Valencia, It was created with the objective of collecting and conserving the genetic materials of horticultural species. Today is one of the most important germplasm collections in the world in vegetable crops. In addition, around this bank, research groups were developed aimed at plant genetic improvement and biotechnology, being one of the reference institutions in the training of professionals in the plant breeding sector.

Andalusian Institute for Agricultural, Fisheries, Food and Ecological Production Research and Training
Andalucía – Spain

Our Agreement:

We have two Research Agreements – (i) Mutagenesis for the generation of biodiversity and plant variability, and (ii) Obtaining New Varieties of Legumes – and a TechProject for the implementation of an information system for the management of its banks and collections of plant germplasm.

The Andalusian Institute for Agricultural, Fisheries, Food and Ecological Production Research and Training (IFAPA) bases its creation on the will to respond to the demands of the Andalusian agricultural, fisheries, aquaculture and food sectors. IFAPA aims to be an agile and effective instrument focused on promoting research, technological innovation and training in the field of agriculture, fisheries and food industries.

Andalusian Vegetable Germplasm Bank
Córdoba – Spain

Our Agreement:

We have three Research Agreements: (i) Reintroduction of the Argan crop in the Iberian Peninsula, (ii) Modeling of the Berberis crop in the Mediterranean area, and (iii) Introduction and Standardization of Quinoa Crops in Europe.

The Andalusian Vegetable Germplasm Bank (BGVA) is considered one of the most important in Spain and a benchmark in the international arena. Proof of this is the transfer of genetic material to more than 40 global institutions for the development of research projects (pharmacological and agronomic applications, phylogenetic studies, etc.) and for display in collections of living plants in botanical gardens. This center has been one of the precursors of the “Spanish Network of Germplasm Banks of Wild Plants and Native Fitorrecursos” “and has been part of the steering group of the European project “European Native Seed Conservation Network“ (Ensconet).

Spanish Biotechnology National Center
Madrid – Spain

Our Agreement:

Modelling and normalization of the cultivation of lemna and other aquatic plant species, to evaluate its performance as an alternative source for obtaining plant protein.

Biotechnology is the use of living things and their processes for the development of products of interest to human purposes. In the CNB, genetic, genomic, proteomic, cell and tissue cultures or bioinformatics engineering are used to make a biotechnology that allows to reveal the secrets of living beings and apply the results of their research in the development of new compounds and technology, safer and more effective to improve health, agriculture and the environment.

Holding of companies with technologies, solutions and services focused on life & health sciences and on the agri-food industry.