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Consultancy in the field of healthy human nutrition with scientific-technical services of high added value.


Main Goal

Based on our scientific-technical capabilities, experience and knowledge of the sector, we offer a complete portfolio of consulting services to all those companies and entities that want to start or strengthen their activity in the field of healthy nutrition.



«A Europe that effectively uses resources» It is one of the seven flagship initiatives that are part of the Europe 2020 strategy that aims to generate smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

One of its basic principles is the reuse of waste or certain parts thereof, which can still work for the development of new products.

Services Catalog

We offer screening services for the evaluation of phytochemicals of high nutritional value of plant species.

We study and analyze the possibilities of revaluation of by-products of plant origin of any production company with the objective of boosting its circular economy.

We develop the additional declarations of your food according to the DIRECTIVE 90/496 / EEC OF THE COUNCIL, OF SEPTEMBER 24, 1990, RELATING TO LABELING ON NUTRITIVE PROPERTIES OF FOOD PRODUCTS.

We develop the information file and its corresponding security assessment, according to Regulation 1223/2009. We advise to put on the market cosmetic products helping to do so with all legal and sanitary guarantees.

We carry out complete studies for the determination of toxicities, both in cells and blood, resistance and bioavailability of proteins and minerals in humans:

  • Determination of cytotoxicity in human breast, lung, colon, and fibroblast cells.
  • Determination of blood toxicity (red, white and macrophage globules).
  • Determination of drug resistance by the ABC transporter system.
  • Liver and hematological toxicity studies in animal models (rat and mouse).
  • Bioavailability analysis of proteins and minerals by in vitro and in vivo methods.

The identification of proteins of interest is carried out by: Mass spectrometry, two-dimensional electrophoresis or liquid chromatography (separation and proteome analysis). In addition, our team leads biomedical research applied to the implementation, development and standardization of new proteomic techniques, as well as the development and characterization of new bioactive molecules.

We design and develop biomedical research programs tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

We evaluate and validate biopharmaceuticals that are in commercial phase in third countries, to request their registration in the EU.

We design and develop new products and collaborate in the implementation of innovation programs in the different areas of healthy nutrition.

Gene expression analysis through the use of PCR technology, in real time.

Discover the Future

We are a biotechnological and pharmaceutical company with a strong sense of responsibility about medicine, nutraucetic and efficient bioactive principles discovery with natural origin in the plant biology area.

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