CELLBITEC’s main goal is to develop our patented phytochemical compounds, belonging to vegetable extracts, to turn them into a true scientific promise, such as biopharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and cosmetics commercially successful targeted to address important solutions to clinic and nutritional needs .




are due to 5 risky aspects which involve behaviour and eating habits (high body mass index, lack of physical activity, smoking and drinking alcohol), therefore, issues we all can prevent*

Source: World Health Organization – WHO

Our Activities

as a result of our screening work about the vegetable extracts and phytochemicals our investigation is based on, we pursue

developing biopharmaceuticals, in a preclinical stage, which main implementation focus is to prevent and treat different types of cancer, specially colon cancer,  as well as metabolic syndrome.

Know Cellbitec Biopharma

developing and evaluating new functional proteins with bioactive compounds that have an effective application as nutraceutics in order to prevent diseases and/or supplement the nutritional capacity.

Know Cellbitec Nutractive

developing a natural cosmetics line, developed by trendy formulas based on organic phytochemical compounds and vegetable seed extracts.

Know Cellbitec Biocosmetics

deliver professional services to those companies which want to either start or encourage its activity on the healthy human nutrition due to our capacities, experience and market know-how.

Know Cellbitec Services

The R&D that makes us different

We promote innovation leading important research and development projects in collaboration with public and private centers.

Faba Bean Initiative
Chickpea Project

Alliances and Collaborations

We got a big alliance and collaboration network with important research centers, public R&D agencies, and national and international universities, in different investigation lines.

Biomedical Researchs

Trails of molecular genetics, plant breeding and vegetal products

Vegetal Biotechnologie

Vegetal Biotechnologie

Neglected and Underutilized Species (NUS)

Plant Breeding Programs


Nano & Biotechnologies Trials

Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies

Natural Cosmetics Researchs

Discover the Future

We are a biotechnological and pharmaceutical company with a strong sense of responsibility about medicine, nutraucetic and efficient bioactive principles discovery with natural origin in the plant biology area.

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